Friday, October 26, 2007

Which Song Should We Record First?

So pretty soon here we're going to head back into the studio to start recording again. The idea was thrown around that maybe instead of waiting until the whole album is done before anyone gets to hear anything, we can record the songs one at a time and maybe release them on the ol' internet. I dunno if we'll actually do that. But suppose we did. What song do you think we should record first? Here's a list of some of the songs we're thinking of recording:

Away from Me
Floating Man, The
Magic Mouth of Geometric Penta/Septagrams
Man with the Bullhorn, The
Mission to an Alien Planet
New Year’s Day
Robot Ghosts
What They Do
You Left Your Strut On

So, what do you think?



Anonymous said...

PLEASE record Robot Ghosts and Away From Me. I heard them at a performance of "Here's What Happened" and they have yet to leave my head.

Antoinette said...

Ok, so although it would be nice to hear Away From Me studio pretty (and if you were to send it to the radios, your ticket prices would suddenly jump to $300 front row and I'd have to travel to LA or Vancouver to see you) I'm going to have to say I want to hear ANY version of The Floating Man and What They Do because you don't even have a bootleg of those up and they're eerily great. You could also do The Boy from Lam Kien because even though I've got the tune firmly embedded in my brain, the ONLY lyrics I know are the title and it's driving me a little bit nuts.

Rebekka said...

Man with the Bullhorn is a MUST!
As well as Fruvolution. I always get pumped up when I hear that song.
What They Do and Mission to an Alien Planet are also on my wish list.
(I know you altered some of your songs for Here's What Happened, but I hope you record them as you play them at your shows. Just my two cents!)
PS I'm really loving the Beehive Sessions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Definitely New Year's Day and What They Do! Many of the others I can get my fix from your secret archives.

Plus, holiday songs can mean instant commercial success!

Sally Struthers said...

Bullhorm, Whale, Oar, and while you're at it, some more songs with numbers.

danielle_h said...

Definitely "What They Do", because it sticks in my head for days and days after your shows anyway. Yup yup.

Anonymous said...



All of them.

But if forced to choose....Fruvolution, Robot Ghosts, What They Do, You Left Your Strut On and Magic Mouth of Geometric Multi-grams.

Matt said...

That's a great list! But you left out Believe in Faith >_> I would love it if you guys recorded that song. And Mission to an Alien Planet is a must imo

Anonymous said...

"robot ghosts" and/or "away from me" please!

Anonymous said...

that's what they do! without a doubt.

Victoria said...

"What They Do"! Immediately! Please.

And why is "Angel" not on this list?

Rob said...

The Man With The Bullhorn, Fruvalution. These songs require recordings; they scream for it! (Or maybe that is the party next door.)

Anonymous said...

The Man With the Bullhorn. Loooove it.

Jordi said...

My Number One Draft: 'Man With the Bullhorn'.

Andy! said...


Anonymous said...

This is what I think:
The Man with the Bullhorn
Robot Ghosts
The Floating Man
What They Do
Magic Mouth of Geometric Penta/Septagrams
Away from Me

The Floating Man has always had a special place in my heart, so don't let it languish at the bottom of the list in favor of other, more "cute" songs.

Hunter said...

Away, What They Do, and Mission for sure. Also it would be beautiful to have a recording of Oar where I could actually listen to (I always love the song at the shows, but the boot from the 2004 show is very hard to hear).

Oh, and all of them.

benlau said...

Man with the Bullhorn, The