Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secret track

We're working on a cover of a song that we love, but we can't say the name of it yet. It's supposed to be a surprise.
Not for any real reason except that when we play it, it's going to blow minds, topple governments and alter weather patterns in several western states. Including California. Sorry.

We came into rehearsal the other night completely intimidated by it, no one had done their homework (well, except Johann, thank goodness) and we all expected a protracted and frustrated learning process.


Once we got going, it was magical. Everything just started to click or spark or gel or congeal or whatever. I'm so excited to play this song again, I can't stop going over the bass riff in my head because IT'S SO RADICAL! Seriously, everyone's hiking up their skirts and bringing it on this one. Real troopers. We are all very proud of each other and we can't wait to unleash it all up in your earballs.

But we can't tell you what the song is yet. You'll have to wait for it.
Let's just say, it's pretty much all flange effect.
And we are recording it at our XXX-tra secret (not really) newly-renovated recording base/video game palace.

Oh yes.


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Anonymous said...

I'm ready to hike up my skirt and get down. Unleash this force at any time. -r