Sunday, October 21, 2007

CD Release at Vera

Okay, here's what happened. We loaded in at 5pm. I'd never been to Vera. The walls were black. The stage was raised. We soundchecked with the Sound Check Song. The other bands sound checked. We changed into our suits in the green room with giant windows facing the Sonics foot traffic.
Next Andrea Wittgens took the stage. What a fantastic voice! I really liked her stuff. At first I was thinking she sort of had an Aimee Mann / Fiona Apple thing going. But maybe I'm just thinking that because I'm comparing her to other women singers. Hm. Anyway, she was fantastic.
Then Central Services, who I LOVE. Kevin is fantastic singing with the stand-up drums. The Allman Bros/Thin Lizzy guitar duet in the last song made Kirk and John A and Evan incredibly happy.
Sean Nelson was great, as always. I like what he did with his mouth. You can quote me on that. I liked the Curtis Mayfield cover. Also that Kinks song about money and not getting very much of it in the music business. I was thinking that I wish he'd do Scenes From an Italian Restaurant 'cause Harvey Danger covered it last New Year's Eve and it was fantastic. I played a butler. Evan and an ex-girlfriend who's name I can't remember played the couple in the restaurant. I always liked that song. Actually I like a bunch of Billy Joel songs. 5 of the 7 guys in this band are laughing at me right now, telling me to delete this blog. Well, they would if they knew I was typing it. Which I am. Sort of.
Okay, finally we went on stage. There were more people by this point. Lots of <21 people. At first I think they didn't know what to think. But by the end they were really into it. It was great. We definitely want to play more all-ages shows. It was a lot of fun.

Next was the after-party at Evans, where I am now. We had 2 Kevins here.

Okay Evan is kicking me off his computer now. I'm gonna go find some chips.



Anonymous said...

What's wrong with liking Billy Joel songs? He's probably the best songwriter in the music business.

David said...

Oh, and I sent around a sketchpad like I did the last time we played an all-ages show. Lots of stuff ended up in it! Soon I'll scan some and put 'em up here.

Anonymous said...

The other person in "Scenes" was Lindsay Brandon Hunter.

Jordi #3 Fan of "Awesome". said...

I was there in spirit. And I usually hate it when people say that, but it's true. "I'm dead and I'm with you!" I guess THAT'S what I'm trying to say.

evan said...

You're right, anonymous! At the end of the scene Jeff Lin knocked her off her chair with the power of his guitar solo.

evan said...

And hey, Jordi! We might be bringing our dog and pony show to Portland on Feb 23. Save the date!

Rob said...

It was a lovely show filled with merriment and wonder. Also, I think that was my favorite encore ever. I'm just saying.

Andy! said...

My friend and I went and while he hadn't really heard of you guys before the show, he left with both of your albums (which he even paid for, an uncommon event to be sure!). Short story shorter, great show!