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At The Moore Last Night

Here's Basil warming up at The Moore, at the top of the second balcony. Right before we started a tour went through where someone was explaining that this balcony used to be where you had to sit if you were black or Jewish. There was a door on the alley that led directly up there, so they didn't have to be seen coming in the front door.

My favorite part of the show: "Chapter 4: Americans!", where I (Clark) follow Basil (Lewis), mimicking everything he does, including combing our hair and paddling our way through the seats. I also laughed a lot from my secret corner watching our violinist get all spastic and palsied at the top of Chapter 1 (Wilderness).

Other things of note:
* It was steep up there. You sort of had vertigo at first. But then I got used to it and was doing some dangerous running around.

* Some audience just watched from the lower aisle. Others came right up into the space, trying to mess with us. One guy picked up John's melodica and played it.

* Kirk's going to get me arrested.

* I found a secret bombed out room behind a golden door. There were thousands of old tickets from old shows at the Moore. I grabbed one. Later there was a staff member guarding the door. Kirk would have liked it. It reminded me of the time I was seeing Portishead at the Paramount, (was I on mushrooms? or just really drunk? I can't remember.) and I found this tiny door that led into the rafters at the top of the dome, and I watched the show from up there.

* The walls up at the top were all cracked. It made me think about the people pouring that concrete in 1907. What dead guy poured this piece of concrete that I'm touching right now? What happened to him?

* The acoustics up there were pretty fantastic. The floor tom sounded like a gunshot!

(Got photos from the event? Please post 'em here!)

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This Saturday.

(original photo taken of JO, DN, KA, EM: Victoria Lahti. Photoshop bullshit: insomnia)

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Today in random gifts

I'm not sick.

(I think.)

City Horns

Sari & Kevin (from Circus Contraption*) join Evan and Rob in recording some horns for City.

(* only 3 more shows EVER! go see them quick!)

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